Construction Contractual Support

Edge Consult will provide you with construction contractual support and advice necessary in addressing any concerns you may have. Typically, this will be related to building main contracts, sub-contracts and consultant appointments, covering standard forms such as JCT and NEC (sometimes with significant amendments thereto) or fully bespoke contract terms and conditions.


We regularly audit and review main contracts, sub-contracts, supply agreements and consultant appointments, explaining to our clients the risks and obligations that may otherwise be missed or misunderstood.


We can provide not just contractual reviews but also practical assessments of the likely risks you may incur, often using RAG (Red/Amber/Green) ratings against matters of concern. To this end, we can provide an explanation of each notable risk, both in terms of probability and liability. This will enable you to understand and make informed decisions when negotiating and/or entering into a building contract.


Where practical, we can also identify a mitigation strategy to ensure you have suitable procedures in place to limit your exposure to contractual risks.


We regularly draft contractual letters for our clients to protect and enhance their position. A letter that may take just half-an-hour to draft may ultimately save many more hours later on (not to mention the cost risk) in dealing with the result of a poorly drafted letter or notice. As always, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.


Where a dispute on contract liabilities or obligations has arisen, Edge Consult can again provide you with both contractual and practical advice on the way forward. Often it is necessary to get the contractual position in a robust place, e.g. by the issue of notices, before payment matters can be progressed.


We can assist you in contractual negotiations to limit your exposure to risks that may otherwise arise. Our objective is to minimise the chances of you becoming disadvantaged or ending up in a dispute and Adjudication. However, where a dispute becomes unavoidable, our clients will gain from our in-depth practical construction and contractual knowledge, including Adjudication procedures.

Contract Administration

We can take over the role of Employer’s Agent or Contract Administrator on construction projects, typically where extensive time and cost problems have already arisen or where relationships within the client team have broken down. In this role, we can ensure that our proactive mindset and practical experience combined with our contractual knowledge protects and enhances our client’s position. If a construction project appears to be heading towards a dispute, our involvement may also have the advantage of either preventing the dispute from escalating or enable us to prepare for any potential Adjudication or other proceedings.


Where we act as the Contract Administrator, we will utilise our expertise and experience in construction contractual support procedures, planning and delay analysis, along with robust valuation and cost control. This will help to mitigate against potential disputes arising and minimise the need of our dispute resolution services. However, should a dispute still arise, we will have all the necessary records and project knowledge to deal with the dispute.





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