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Project Management

Edge Consult provide a range of facilitation and project solutions to unlock complex issues and create consensus on projects. We will ensure this is supported by well informed and robust plans that will assist your team in achieving successful outcomes.

Specifically, we undertake a number of project management functions such as:

  • Risk management;
  • Value management;
  • Project facilitation;
  • Project monitoring;
  • Project review;
  • Lessons learnt feedback.

We often take over the role of Employer’s Agent or Contract Administrator on construction projects, particularly where extensive time and cost problems have already arisen or where relationships have broken down.

Unfortunately, by this stage, our role often becomes one of damage limitation. However, when combined with our expert knowledge of contract, planning and delay analysis, along with robust variation and cost control, projects can still be concluded without the need for our dispute resolution services.

Edge Consult’s approach is to focus on objectives and goals, utilising management change programmes and methods such as ‘Prince 2’. Through our workshops, we address the three dimensions that can make or break a project:

  • procedure and techniques;
  • individual personalities;
  • organisational culture and working practices.

With this approach, we can ensure a well-rounded approach that delivers you the best results from initial project set-up to lessons learnt feedback.