The Problem:

The sub-contractor had completed his installations on site over a ten weeks period. He had issued three applications for payment, but another month had passed without receiving any payment. The sub-contractor believed that in total, approximately £80,000 was due for payment. The sub-contractor had approached their solicitor who had written a couple of letters but no progress had been made. Having mentioned the payment problem to another party, they recommended the sub-contractor approach Edge Consult.

How did Edge Consult help:

Following Edge Consult’s appointment, it quickly became apparent that the main contractor, who had by now offered a £30,000 settlement offer, was unwilling to resolve this dispute to the sub-contractor’s satisfaction. At this point it was clear to us that the next step should be to commence an adjudication. Within one week the necessary documentation had been assembled, checked and prepared. By the end of the following week the adjudication Notice and Referral were ready. The adjudication then commenced.

The Result:

From Edge Consult’s appointment to receiving the adjudicator decision was just 52 days. The Adjudicator’s decision was that 98% of the sum claimed by the sub-contractor should be paid within 7 days and payment was indeed received within this period. We understand the sub-contractor has since been appointed by the main contractor on further projects and payments were then made to the sub-contractor without delay.