Edge Consult work with numerous sub-contractors, providing support and assistance with dispute avoidance and dispute resolution matters.

Should you have any contractual, programme or payment concerns, Edge Consult can provide you with all necessary help. This can include reviews of sub-contract documentation, full programme/planning services including delay analysis, strengthening your payment position and if necessary act for you as a Party Representative in adjudications.

As a Sub-Contractor are you:

  • Able to identify the key sub-contract documents?
  • Aware of the risks, obligations and procedures in the sub-contract?
  • Certain you are fully complying with the sub-contract?
  • Controlling both the project and contractual risks?
  • Confident with your programme and any prolongation periods?
  • Recovering your full financial entitlement?
  • Up to date with all applications and relevant notices?
  • Presenting your position in the best way?
  • Maintaining proper records to support your entitlement?
  • Confident you are fully prepared should a dispute arise?

Edge Consult provide:

  • Reviews of terms and conditions and general contract advice
  • Commercial and contract risk reviews on your proposed and current sub-contracts
  • Monitoring and updating programmes for sub-contract compliance
  • Design and construction planning and programming
  • Assistance with interim applications for payment and final accounts
  • Detailed loss and expense submissions
  • Comprehensive extension of time claims
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Party representation in adjudications
  • Lessons learnt workshops and training

Edge Consult ‘levelled the playing field’ for a sub-contractor who had significant and unexpected sums deducted by a main contractor. Using our technical expertise we gathered detailed evidence and provided clear arguments to obtain the sub-contractor’s contractual dues and eventually turned a dispute into a positive outcome.

The main contractor had incorrectly taken work away from the sub-contractor and had handed this work to others. The main contractor had also withheld substantial payments from our client.

Following this, Edge Consult was then able to negotiate on behalf of our client with the main contractor and achieved agreement on an overall settlement of the final account, as well as settling a number of issues on other projects between the parties.

Ultimately, this led to a positive on-going relationship being maintained between sub-contractor and main contractor.

Therefore, the sub-contractor appointed Edge Consult to advise on the matter and seek a satisfactory resolution.