Construction Programmes and Delay Analysis

Construction durations are a major issue for most of our clients, be they Employers needing to know when they can take possession of their completed property or Contractors who need to manage the construction process and protect themselves from any damages resulting from delays. This is also an important matter for Architects and Contract Administrators. They too will need to take account of construction project planning, be that in monitoring progress or considering extensions of time.

At Edge Consult we have several Partners who specialise in the production of design, procurement, and construction programmes. These can be for initial strategic project planning, feasibility studies, tender and construction programmes or for project monitoring purposes. Early input from one of our construction planners can help to prevent disputes from arising by ensuring the project duration is robust and achievable prior to entering into contract.

Where a dispute has arisen, the duration of the works and the impact of delays on that duration will often be a fundamental aspect in establishing the parties’ contractual position. Edge Consult has all the necessary expertise to produce fully supportable delay analyses, produced in accordance with the building contract and current case law. This is where the holistic approach of Edge Consult will provide you with a complete and comprehensive examination of the delay position, identifying the party responsible for that delay under the contract.

Edge Consult has the specialist knowhow to assess the duration of your project, identifying critical elements, regaining control of the programme, and identifying the reasons associated with any delays. We utilise years of experience gained in construction project planning to enable our clients to complete their projects more effectively and efficiently. Our approach at Edge Consult is always “plan to succeed”, ensuring practical and efficient solutions to avoid unexpected and costly surprises.

Project Planning and Programming

We plan to succeed and protect our clients. Edge Consult produce programmes using specialised critical path software to plan and analyse design, procurement, and construction activities. We regularly provide expert forensic delay analyses to develop or defend claims. We will assist you by identifying project difficulties and pinch points, then develop a robust, workable plan to best overcome these issues.


During the construction stage we can also monitor and report on progress, provide advice on mitigation measures and identify the critical activities that need to be focused upon to support and deliver a successful project. Where Edge Consult join the team as an independent consultant, our clients find this assists them in challenging preconceptions and identifying different phasing and construction solutions. This allows the project team to explore and consider alternative programmes, providing both time and cost benefits.

Delay Analysis

Where projects suffer delay, we utilise forensic delay analysis techniques to assist you in identifying the cause of each delay and its effect. This will typically be through the use of critical paths and appropriate methodologies such as those identified by the Society of Construction Law.

Design Management Systems

The importance of the design phase of a construction project is often overlooked by those producing project programmes. However, the design phase is just as important as the construction phase and needs careful planning. Get the design programme wrong and this can have a huge impact on the construction works. In our experience many delay disputes start with delayed design. No contractor can build until he has a design to build to, be that the contractor’s design or the client’s design. At Edge Consult, we have developed our own design management systems that facilitate team based programmes to deal with management of design, both for consultants and contractors.





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