Edge Consult work with numerous main contractors, providing support and assistance with dispute avoidance and dispute resolution matters.

Should you have any contractual, programme or payment concerns, Edge Consult can provide you with a range of services to protect your position. This can include reviews of contract documentation, full programme/planning services including progress monitoring and delay analysis, strengthening your payment position and if necessary act for you as a Party Representative in adjudications.

As a Contractor are you:

  • Able to identify the key contract documents?
  • Aware of the risks, obligations and procedures within your contract?
  • Certain you are fully complying with the contract?
  • Controlling both the project and contractual risks?
  • Confident with your programme and any prolongation periods?
  • Recovering your full financial entitlement?
  • Up to date with all relevant applications and notices?
  • Presenting your position in the best possible way?
  • Maintaining proper records to support your entitlement?
  • Confident you are fully prepared should a dispute arise?

Edge Consult provide:

  • Contractual advice and support
  • Commercial and contract risk reviews on your proposed and current contracts
  • Design and construction planning / programming
  • Monitoring and updating programmes for contract compliance
  • Assistance with interim applications for payment and final accounts
  • Detailed loss and expense submissions
  • Comprehensive extension of time claims
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Party representation in adjudications
  • Lessons learnt workshops and training

Our client, the Contractor on a design and build project, was significantly delayed on site. Despite the project being delayed by over 12 months, the Employers Agent had only granted a 4 month extension of time. As a consequence, significant liquidated damages had been deducted.

Following Practical Completion, Edge Consult worked closely with the Contractor to develop and support its case for further extensions of time. However, the Employer’s Agent still declined to grant any further time. Despite further meetings, an impasse had been reached between the parties.

Therefore, our client had little option than to refer the dispute to adjudication. In this adjudication, Edge Consult acted as Party Representative for the Contractor.

Following a number of detailed exchanges in the pr