Edge Consult work with construction suppliers, providing support and assistance with dispute avoidance and dispute resolution matters.

Should you have any contractual, programme or payment concerns, Edge Consult can provide you with all necessary help. This can include reviews of contract documentation, programme support, strengthening your payment position and if necessary act for you as a Party Representative in adjudications (where the supply agreement so permits).

As a Supplier are you:

  • Able to identify all order/contract documents?
  • Aware of the risks, obligations and procedures in your order?
  • Certain you are fully complying with the order/contract?
  • Controlling both the delivery and contractual risks?
  • Up to date with all relevant notices?
  • Recovering your full financial entitlement?
  • Presenting your position in the best way?
  • Maintaining proper records to support your entitlement?
  • Confident you are fully prepared should a dispute arise?

Edge Consult provide:

  • Contract advice and reviews of terms and conditions
  • Commercial and risk reviews on proposed and current orders
  • Monitoring and updating programmes for contract compliance
  • Comprehensive extension of time claims
  • Assistance in preparation of final accounts
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Party representation in adjudications (where incorporated)
  • Lessons learnt workshops and training

Supplier beware!

Suppliers, where the contract is usually a ‘purchase order’ for materials or goods, are increasingly at risk of claims against them from contractors. One of our clients, a large supplier providing manufactured products, received a purchase order for almost £1 million from a large national contractor.

The project experienced numerous delays prior to our client’s planned delivery dates. This resulted in their delivery dates being postponed. Further, Variation Instructions issued to our client impacted on the scope of works, delaying delivery dates further.

Unfortunately, due to a minor manufacturing problem, our client also needed to replace a component within his products. These replacement parts could be fitted retrospectively from within the building. Therefore, no external access was required nor was there any resulting delay to the project.

The Contractor, seeking to exploit the manufacturing problem, sought to charge the supplier (our client) with purported access and other preliminary costs. The claim made against our client was in excess of £250,000. As a result, invoices totalling this amount were not paid to our client.

Edge Consult provided a comprehensive report which highlighted the various rights and remedies available to the supplier; many of which they were not aware of. Armed with our report, the Contractor’s withdrew most of his claim and the supplier reached an acceptable agreement with the Contractor.