Edge Consult are regularly appointed by Project Management, Quantity Surveying and Design Consultants to provide support and assistance related to dispute avoidance and dispute resolution matters.

Should you have any concerns that a construction dispute may develop in the future or has already developed, Edge Consult can provide you with a range of services to protect you or your client’s position. This can include reviews of contract documentation, planning / programme support including delay analysis, audits, expert reviews, final account assistance and strengthening the payment position. If necessary, Edge Consult can also act for you or your client as a Party Representative in any adjudication.

As a Construction Consultant are you:

  • Able to identify all contract documents; how robust is the contract?
  • Aware of the risks, obligations and procedures within the contract?
  • Fully complying with the contract?
  • Managing and aware of both the project and contractual risks?
  • Up to date with all relevant certificates and notices?
  • Presenting or protecting your position in the best way?
  • Protecting your clients position?
  • Maintaining records to enable robust and supportable assessments?
  • Confident you are fully prepared should a dispute arise?

Edge Consult provide:

  • Design programme management
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Support for or acting as Contract Administrator or Employer’s Agent
  • Analysis of site progress against the forecast completion date
  • Valuation of the works including assistance with the final account
  • Comprehensive extension of time analysis and assessments
  • Detailed ascertainment of loss and expense submissions
  • Dispute resolutions services
  • Party Representative role in adjudications

Edge Consult were approached by a Contract Administrator to assist with an unexpected adjudication Referral issued by a main contractor against his client. In essence, this was a dispute on a final account along with deductions for defective and incomplete works.

Edge Consult, acting as Party Representative, working along side and supported by the Contract Administrator, developed a robust adjudication Response, incorporating the time, cost and contractual matters forming the basis of the dispute.

From appointment, Edge Consult had only nine days to establish the background facts, analyse the final account, assess extensions of time and produce a detailed narrative refuting the points in the main contractor’s Referral.

The support of the Contract Administrator, his records, meeting minutes, notes, emails and photographs formed an essential part in rebutting the main contractor’s referral. This combined with our own quantum, time and contractual analysis resulted in a very robust Response.

The adjudicators decision supported almost every aspect of our submissions.

The payment ultimately due to the main contractor was less than the adjudicator’s fe