Edge Consult work with both private and public building Employers, providing a wide range of support and assistance related to dispute avoidance and dispute resolution matters.

Should you have any contractual, programme or payment concerns, Edge Consult can provide you with all necessary help. This can include reviews of contract documentation, planning / programme support including delay analysis, monitoring, audits, expert reviews, and strengthening your payment position. If necessary, Edge Consult can also act for you as a Party Representative in an adjudication.

As an Employer or Developer are you:

  • Able to identify all the contract documents?
  • Confident your team is fully aware of the risks, obligations and procedures under your contract?
  • Fully complying with the contract?
  • Controlling both the project and contractual risks?
  • Limiting your financial exposure?
  • Up to date with all relevant notices and certificates?
  • Presenting or protecting your position in the best way?
  • Maintaining records to support your position?
  • Confident you are fully prepared should a dispute arise?

Edge Consult provide:

Contract support:

  • Preparation or review of contract documents
  • Contract Administration / Employer’s Agent support
  • Identification and management of project risks
  • Independent monitoring, recording and reporting on progress, forecast completion date and cost of the Works to final account

Problem project support:

  • Initial appraisal and in depth analysis of project problems
  • Identification of time, cost and contractual problems with solutions
  • Analysis to establish realistic completion dates
  • Comprehensive extension of time delay assessments
  • Analysis to establish current and forecast outturn construction costs
  • Not just contractual, but also practical dispute resolution advice
  • Dispute resolution services; Party Representative in adjudications

Our client obtained a final account re-payment, well in excess of £1 million, when Edge Consult’s forensic investigation of a commercial account uncovered gross overpayment and improper practice.

Edge Consult was appointed to investigate a sudden and disproportionate escalation in the reported final construction cost. The project was complete and the main contractor was in the process of presenting final figures to justify payment.

Edge Consult Partners used their practical construction experience and specialist knowledge of the contract to undertake a forensic analysis of the information presented by the main contractor to the client’s professional team.

Our analysis identified numerous instances of manipulation of figures and misrepresentation from the main contractor and, unfortunately, a distinct absence of pragmatic enquiry fr