The Problem:

The Employer on a multi-million refurbishment project was concerned with the significant delays occurring on site and the rapidly escalating cost of the project. He was also concerned that his consultants were struggling to explain the reasons for this or address the issues. What was needed was an independent third-party specialist who could investigate the issues and report back to the Employer. Edge Consult were recommended to the Employer as an organisation that could investigate and help with the contractual, programme and cost problems that were occurring on the construction contract.

How did Edge Consult help:

Immediately following appointment, Edge Consult proceeded to review the key information and discuss the issues with the project team. Edge Consult’s Report identified key areas of concern being the lack of: (a) information and general understanding on key programme matters; (b) the lack of a clear completion date and (c) the contractual responsibility for the delays. These issues would prove to have a major impact on the both the final account and the Employer’ ability to deduct liquidated damages.

The Result:

Edge Consult’s final report incorporated an as built programme and programme to completion, identified the critical paths and the contractual liability for the delays. At the request of the Employer, the report was prepared to a standard suitable for adjudication should that become necessary. However, with a robust and fully substantiated independent report in place, the parties were able to agree, with the support of Edge Consult, a mitigation strategy and negotiate a successful settlement agreement. This avoided the risk of an escalating dispute to the benefit of both the Employer and main contractor.