Cost & Value

Whether you believe you are not being paid enough or are paying too much, the quantum and strength of your case needs to be established to protect your position.

Cost will normally form a major part of any dispute. As such, Edge Consult, will either undertake from first principles or provide assistance to your team in establishing your financial obligations or liability under your contract.

Edge Consult provide a wide range of construction commercial management services and quantity surveying support on all project types.

We can provide on-going commercial monitoring, report and audit services on construction costs and liabilities as well as preparing interim valuations and final accounts.

Edge Consult has extensive experience in preparing fully evidenced claims for loss and expense as part of normal final accounts or in support of an adjudication Referral.

Equally, Edge Consult provide full support in evaluation of and defending against claims for loss and expense submitted to our clients.

We also have all the in-house expertise needed to establish both liabilities and potential cost recovery associated with construction and civil engineering contracts, as part of an insolvency process.

Early input from Edge Consult, can help protect your position by identification of financial problems and instigating a strategy when mitigation measures may still be possible.

This input will be invaluable in determining the legitimacy, accuracy and reasonableness (or otherwise) of the parties’ stated financial position. This information will be essential to enable you to decide whether to negotiate or consider/proceed with a formal dispute.

In a Response to an adjudication, the time available to review and defend your position may be very limited. With our expertise, we will identify the key issues to address. This will be essential to enable resources to be concentrated on areas where there is a greater chance of success.