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Case Study 3 – Employer

The Problem: The Employer on a multi-million refurbishment project was concerned with the significant delays occurring on site and the rapidly escalating cost of the project. He was also [...]

Case Study 3 – Employer2020-06-29T20:49:41+01:00

Case Study 2 – Main Contractor

The Problem: On a £2 million main contract, with delays resulting from numerous Variations, the Employer decided to terminate the main contract, even though the project was just 3 [...]

Case Study 2 – Main Contractor2020-06-29T12:32:14+01:00

Case Study 1 – Sub-Contractor

The Problem: The sub-contractor had completed his installations on site over a ten weeks period. He had issued three applications for payment, but another month had passed without receiving [...]

Case Study 1 – Sub-Contractor2020-06-29T12:31:53+01:00

COVID-19 and Adjudication

MillChris Developments Ltd v Waters (2020) The outcome of this case indicates that the TCC will continue its robust attitude to adjudication and the enforcement of adjudicator’s decisions. Therefore, [...]

COVID-19 and Adjudication2020-06-29T12:31:04+01:00

Covid-19 Contractual Actions for Contractors

Introduction The coronavirus pandemic will affect most organisations in the construction industry. This will impact on safety, cashflow, profitability and staff/labour retention. Inevitably, attention will turn to blame and [...]

Covid-19 Contractual Actions for Contractors2020-06-29T12:30:43+01:00

Coronavirus Outbreak

Edge Consult's Review of potential contractual issues for consideration The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the construction industry’s supply chains and the availability of labour is something the industry [...]

Coronavirus Outbreak2020-06-29T12:30:17+01:00

Dispute Avoidance

At Edge Consult we see a wide range of construction and civil engineering disputes, typically relating to time (delays), cost (payment) and related contractual issues. This practical experience of dealing with disputes [...]

Dispute Avoidance2020-06-29T12:29:52+01:00
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